Press Release:
Access the Quran in many languages easily across mobile and PC platforms.

With more and more people from across the globe wanting to know about Islam it was imperative that a resource would be available that would provide them opportunity to read the Quran in their native language.
QR provides an extensive set of Quran translation in many languages (audio and text).

The easy to use website reader allows you to read the Quran without having to download the entire kitab. The audio stream provides instant access to Quran recitations and translations. You can read and listen on your mobile, tablet and PC.

The website is great resource for Muslims to send the Quran to friends with just a link (no need to download).

Although many Quran resources are available across the web, many still use flash technology that is now not supported to deliver content. With QR we are using the latest HTML5 technology to deliver audio and text. What this means is that users will have access to web content across both mobile and PC platforms and will work with the latest web browsers.

A simple easy to use portal for you to listen and read the Quran in many different languages. The audio player allows instant streaming of audio, while the Quran kitab can be read easily without having to download the entire file.

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