How Do We Receive Ramadan?
Book by: Muhammad AI-Hashimy Mustafa

Exert from the book
The Prophet (u1Ia AI1ahu alaihi wuan.m) said: "The reward of every good deed is multiplied by ten to seven hundred folds depending on one's intention and sincerity, but with respect to the reward of fasting, Allah proclaims : "Fasting is for me and I myself shall bestow the reward. Whoever fasts foregoing his desires of eating and drinking for My sake will be entitled for two occasions of joy : one when he breaks his fast, and the other when he meets his Rubb "1

1- Rubb means, among other things,the Creator, the Owner, the Sustainer,the Provider, and the One in whose hand is the disposal of all affairs.

"0 Allah! Lead me to the true faith with those You have guided. Pardon me with those You have pardoned. Protect me with those You have protected. Bless me with what You have given. Keep me safe from the evil You have ordained, for You decree and none decrees upon You. No-one who is in Your care is brought down and no-one is rewarded to whom You show enmity. o Rubb! You are most praised, most sublime."

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