Holding to the Sunnah in the 21st Century by Abdur Raheem McCarthy, Ismail Bullock and Gabriel Al Romaani (icraa.org)

Islamic Center for Research And Academics (ICRAA)  is an organization established by a group of knowledge seekers. All of our members are involved  in formal and traditional studies of Islam. See Our Team page to know more about each member and their role.

Mission Statement: To provide top quality research on Islamic da’wah and to conduct educational and training seminars based on it.

Our Research Methodology: We use the most traditional and authentic texts of tafsir (Qur’anic exegesis) and hadith (narrations from/about the Prophet ﷺ), as well as the authority of the established scholars and their explanations. At the same time we employ the latest research methodologies in line with international standards of publishing.