Western prosperity has been achieved in 3 ways (Aldous Huxley)
1 - through national debt, that is everybody would be in debt
.. they buy what they do not need with money they do not have
2 - one is through war, war making
3 - planed or engineered obsolesce, product manufactured to break/unusable over time.

Allah tells us about the finite, and Allah tells that the finite elements has distracted you from the infinite.

You took good from this Dunya (world) .. more than required and behaved arrogantly.
Now in the hereafter is your punishment.

Allah does not love those who exalt.

Wealth is not evil, but it is what you do with it.
Like Time, Health, Wealth.

Seek what Paradise with what Allah has blessed you with.
Why are you fixated with the small things of this dunya.

Show excellence to others, as Allah has been excellent to you.
If Allah has given you Wealth (or Time, Health etc) use it to benefit others.

Did we overcome.
OR where we overcome by corporate and self greed.

We have not just become consumers, but have been consumed by so called Capitalism (Individualism).

The American dream (they are always sleeping while the lected offcials kill).

It should be about Needs.
Not about wants (at any expense .. war)

You have everything for the day, go and fix the worlds problems.
Be a sheperd.

Eat and drink but not to excess.
Buy but not to excess.

Be good.
We should be servant to Allah's creation.

Who is the most beloved person to Allah?
The most beloved is the one who bring the most benefit to people.

I wish I could have just made a broom and someone could have used it to sweep a place that would have benefited
many people.

Quran is the word of Allah and belongs to all his creation.

Allah says: Do not saw corruption on the earth

Family members kill each other for this dunya.

We buy because of the image it creates.
Consumerism is built on image (advertising).

Pseudo event .. the advert is odorless.
Images are created as being flawlessness, it is not REAL.

But everybody is chasing.

The American dream.
The American illusion.

Allah does not love the corrupt.


But people say: what ever I have today is because is because what I have done (my own effort).

Beware of "I", "My", "We"

What we have is because of what Allah has given you.

So let us stop posing in the mirror and think "I".

Say "Thanks be to Allah" for ALL the things that we have.

Do we not know that nations before us were destroyed by Allah.

Stop saying and thinking "Look at what I have".

You want it because???


A culture of Arrogance and Envy (consumerism).

Fast Track to where?

Celebrity culture, use images of celebrity to promote THINGS.

Life In-corp.
Branded products .. want the swoooosh.
Branding sells (sheep like this).

Patriotism is another form of branding.

Branded products, if it is nameless you may have no value.

You must escape the Matrix, you must consume ethically.

Remember other suffer at your success.

How is it that one side is always conquering and being successful..
Yet the other side is always suffering and dying.

Do not buy products on ethical principles (how they got to be made).

The glamour comes with a price .. the death/suffering of others.

Your happiness is built on consumption.
The less you buy the more depressed you will be.
That is the the culture.

The reward of Allah is better for you.
Invest more for the next life.
Do not invest in this life.

Allah knows everyone's story.

The stories mentioned in the Quran are the most important and relevant (today).
Read and understand.

People who have so much (even very comfortable) still are not satisfies and/or are unhappy.

Just ahving the ability to pray should be enough for the Muslim,

Envy surrounds us, that is Consumerism.
Arrogance and Pride is in abundance on the earth.

The slave of money and fine clothing have to be careful.
But do not do it for showing off.
Perish be the slave of the dinar and fine clothing.

Let us not be slaves of the Branding.

Let us create a new culture of living.
An Islamic culture, by putting value in creation.

The bewildered herd.

Live in consumption.
Die in consumption.
Do good things in life.
Do great things in life
For the sake of Allah.

Are you not listening?
Simplicity is in Iman (faith)

Simplicity is in Iman.

"I am son of mother who used to eat dried meat in the desert"

The most noble of you in the eyes of Allah is the one who has Taqwa.

Invest for the next life.

Growth for the sake of growth, is the ideology of the cancer cell.

Allah gave you Wealth, give it back.

Allah gave you Time, give it back.

Allah gave you Health, help others.

The most beloved action that Allah likes is ..
The happiness you bring to others.

Put self sacrifice over self interest.

Consumerism is about self interest.

Who ever can overcome the stinginess of them selves will be the successful.

Let us transform ourselves Muslims ..
1 Redistribution and sharing .. of things.
2 Learning to live a minimalist life style.
"Live in this life as if you are a stranger or a traveler".

Feed others on the day of your own hunger.