A group of non-Muslim men have unwittingly made a stand against anti-halal critics thanks to a Facebook group. In under a month 25-year-old Sydney-sider Luke Eagles' Facebook group the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society has garnered almost 16,500 members.

Often the result of a night on the town, a halal snack pack is a bed of chips and kebab meat with a choice of sauces and cheese. Mr Eagles told Sky News that the group was started by him and friends for people who 'genuinely love Halal food' but it has quickly added a new purpose.

'It's good to see everyone come together and accept a different culture and realise that there is nothing to be afraid of and wake up to reality,' he said. Despite daily 'racist, offensive and unnecessary' comments on the page, Mr Eagles says that the response to the group has been overwhelmingly positive.

According to the group's founder the members of the page are from all walks of life with roughly 60 per cent of them identifying as Muslim. Although not religious himself, Mr Eagles credits growing up in mulitcultural Regents Park in Sydney's west for giving him an 'appreciation of culture and tradition.'

The page administrators 'all day, every day' receive gratitude from the Australian Muslim community who 'appreciate the culture clash and finally seeing everyone get along,' Luke said. Although the Facebook page taken on a much bigger role than initially intended Mr Eagles claims 'at the end of the day it's about the quality of the food.'

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