The country of Chad (Africa) announced Wednesday (June 17 - 2015) that it had banned full Islamic face veils, or burqas, after suicide bombings hit the central African state’s capital earlier this week. The country’s prime minister said that militants had used the veil as “camouflage” and that security forces would begin burning all face veils sold in markets

Around 53 percent of Chad's population identifies as Muslim, according to the CIA Factbook. Burqas are worn in Chad mainly for religious reasons. However, some women also wear the garment to protect themselves from the hot and dusty Saharan climate, the BBC reported. Chad’s ban comes just weeks after Congo-Brazzaville instituted its own ban on burqas, which it said was designed to counter extremism.

The Muslim-majority country in central Africa also said that it would be banning head-to-toe burqas and religious turbans. The ban would be applied everywhere, not only in public places, said Prime Minister Kalzeube Pahimi Deubet, adding that any clothing that covered anything but the eyes would be considered camouflage.

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What do you think a Muslim Majority country and:
  • Ban announcement comes at the start of Ramadan for 2015
  • Not a single western country has bothered to speak up against it
  • Was the government involved in the plot?
  • Human rights ... what ..