'Living at Altitude' - Dr.Uthman Lateef - 9 minutes

Killing at Altitude - Flying at high altitude and pressing a button to drop bombs to kill 100's of people at a time is ok?

Targeting women and children specifically and killing them, after which celebration take place in the street singing "no more school tomorrow for the Palestinian children" is OK? (Palestine July 2014).

The Japanese Kamikaze pilots adopted the suicide technique to fight a war.
Remember WAR = either side has a chance of winning.

Fighting defenseless people is very brave for some!

Palestine GAZA in brief ...
  • Gaza is a prison.
  • No one or food/medicine can enter or leave Gaza without the jews permission.
  • Travel within Palestine is controlled by Jews, you can die waiting in line to reach a hospital, as many women have found out (another slow kill strategy adopted by the occupiers to kill the natives).
  • Children are killed weekly by the jews.
  • Children are in prison for no reason (new tactic to threaten parents).
  • A men rushes in to kill for revenge is called a terrorist (or a suicide bomber).
  • Of course in case of so called terrorist/suicide bomber where are the witnesses (dead)?
  • So is it so that the people in power decide law that suites them (the one that they themselves do not follow)?